SUD Day Presentations

Substance Use Disorder Day Presentations are designed to empower/encourage  students to (1) tell their own stories, (2) make healthy decisions, and (3) ask for help when they need it.

SUD Day School Presentations come in a variety of formats.   

But, after having participated in numerous Maine middle/high school presentations in 2023, we have a good sense of what works well and what doesn’t.

It’s important to have:

  • Honest, motivational speakers
  • Opportunity for students to ask questions, anonymously
  • Breakout sessions that give students an opportunity to focus on topics that they can relate to
For those events that involve students AND adults (parents, school staff, community resources, etc.), it is also very helpful to include a short, formal presentation that provides SUD data, statistics, and references to SUD resources.  Here is the presentation that was recently used at Chevrus High School.
Interested?  We can provide Maine middle/high schools with a template for success.  Just ask us!  OR check out the list of schools that have already hosted an SUD Day and ask them.